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Crikey, it’s been a fair old while since I wrote anything! Not only have I been recovering from the epic Tea (not a drop of tea in sight) Round but things got super busy with work and general life. The summer term is the busiest for us at Mini Mermaids as we have most of our 5km challenges happening and the chiblets seem to have had a billion things that they HAD to do… parties, events, end of term presents which not only have left me exhausted but also my pockets empty as everything cost a shed load of money (my kids seem to think that I have a never ending supply of cash which I only want to spend on them…. I have a feeling that this isn’t going to change…)

But here I am, sitting on a train that I could possibly run faster than, with ‘the eye’ and the other eye ravished with hay fever giving me the appearance that I am very emotional (I’m actually ecstatic at having to be away for 3 days) on my way to our Mini Mermaid strategy and planning days in Kendal, The Lake District (yes I totes had the deciding vote on where we were going!) so I thought it would be a good time to catch up with the media shizzle that has been going on with me! (that’s if I can carry on seeing through my one eye that is weeping tears as if I was watching Marley and Me…)

When ‘Eyegate’ happened, I never actually thought it would generate as much interest as it has… I mean, society tells us that if you are over 35, female, a mum and you don’t have fitness DVD out no one is that interested, and so I’m glad that my story has sparked something in people which means that I have been able to spread awareness about Ocular Melanoma.

Having worked in TV for over 10 years, I was totes comfortable with being behind the scenes, being totally in awe of those who could put themselves out there every day…. it seems however that now it was my turn to be front and centre…. cue sweaty palms and mild panic attacks…

  • My old (not that old) school friend Richard got in touch a few weeks after I was diagnosed and offered to write and tell my story for a national newspaper ( The Mirror) we spoke (twice in fact) and he was so gracious in giving me the time to ramble through my experience and then picked out and put together my story in such a well written way. I know that a lot of people don’t get to proof read their stories first or get a super awesome photographer to take some pictures of the family and so I am super grateful. I think the article was brilliant and I now will not respond to anything except ‘Brave mum, 38’
  • I was asked to film a piece for BBC Look North by the awesome Nicola Reese (I also know her through running, small world!) it was so fun to have her follow me around for a few weeks in gold mini… I felt quite lonely when she left! We travelled to Sheffield to see my Dr (the one with the fancy socks) and she spent time with my family and with me at Mini Mermaids telling my story (and letting me squidge ‘the eye’ on camera) and the response that the article had when it went out on Look North has had has meant that many more people have had their eyes checked than may have normally.
  • I had an emotional experience recording the Mama Fuel podcast with Anna Ferguson (who is an incredible warm and giving person and has a soft silky voice to die for!) It was the first time I had fully told my story in a recording and I was a complete mess…. I was literally a snivelling wreck and you can hear me sniffing away through the whole interview trying to hold it together! (It was also filmed and you can see me casually using my sleeve to do a snot wipe, just like my 6 yr old!) It was such a cathartic interview and helped me release so much and check into myself as I was desperately trying to understand how my life was going to be shaped from that point forward, as a mother and as a woman.
  • Finally, I had a beautiful interview last night with an old friend I used to work with…. a short 10 minute talk full of laughter and joy with a truly wonderful human who has been through heartache and pain and has so much grace and dignity and completely got everything I was saying….We sat in Roundhay park in the warm evening sunshine and just chatted and laughed….. this one isn’t out for a few weeks, so I’ll hold off with more details and let you know when it’s out… I think it’s worth the wait!

So it seems that I am an old pro now (I’ve still not got the rambling or talking slowly down just yet but I am working on it!) so if you are looking for a speaker at your next event, or want to fill some space in your newspapers…I’m free for funerals, weddings and Bat Mitzvah’s…

I’m off to find some ice to bath my hay fever suffering eyes….!

CC xx

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