My Tuesday morning musings

I have very strange feelings about social media and how it sits with me and what it means to me. I tend to use it to share my incredible wit… and to do a bit of mindless scrolling and stalking, but I felt that I wanted to share this ‘journey’ that I am on (is it wanky to call it a journey?), if only to raise awareness of ocular melanoma and encourage people to have their eyes (and anything else) checked. Our bodies are incredible machines but just like everything, they need looking after….

The response that I had from my faceache post has been overwhelming and floored me quite frankly, people have been so incredibly kind with their thoughts and words and I feel humbled that they took the time to share their positivity.

Some of my other thoughts from last night and this morning when I was awake at 1,3,4 and then gave up and got up at 5.

-I am going to have to spell check the arse off my blog if people are actually going to read it (apologies to all of my English teaching friends… and especially to Anna Hobbs who I know will be tutting reading this…)

-I need to learn how to spell enuculation…. I don’t even think that is correct.

-My Dr is called Mr Salvi… not Salvador Dali….(good luck with that one when you are off your tits on meds – that is a note to myself…)

-My ploy of making everyone think I am a super positive person has worked… little do they know that I am actually a miserable old git.

-Diazepam is a remarkable invention.

-I am worried that the tea in the hospital is going to taste like luke warm dishwater and having only just discovered the joy of Yorkshire ‘builders’ tea, I am not prepared for substandard tea.

-How do I pretend I don’t have a cold so the operation isn’t postponed?

-I miss my big brother a lot.

-My family are THE BEST… and yes I am including Mr Me-Myself-and-Eye in that… begrudgingly….

-Why can my 6 year old not just talk at a normal volume…?

-Where can I get jazzy eye patches from? (Although the one made for me by one of F’s best friends is lush)

-What will happen if I actually die?

-Has anyone else read Sarah Kane? Her play 4.48 psychosis really played on my mind when I saw the clock tick over to 4.48 this morning?

It’s daytime now though and I’m packing my day full of things to do before heading to Sheffield, it leaves me with little time to think about ‘stuff’ which is a good thing.

Thanks again for all of your good wishes.


Captain Corne x

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