Grey Hair and Wrinkles.

I’ve been thinking a lot about ageing recently. Maybe because I have just turned 40, maybe because I am aware of the current situation and the vulnerability of the older community, maybe because of what happened last year (eye gate), or maybe just because I have really noticed the grey hairs!

Reflecting on 2020 and as we reach the end of what can only be described as a ‘challenging’ year for everybody, I find my resilience slowly ebbing away each day as I watch the news or hear of more families torn apart. I popped onto Twitter to express my current feelings and quite a few people suggested to explore my gratitude and thanks for the year. This is something that I do practice but it always helps to have a gentle reminder when you are struggling in the fog. So THANK YOU Twitter (words I never thought that I would say) for the reminder.

Gratitude (the shortened list!):

Friends and family and their health. Although we can’t be close, you guys are at the core of my gratitude. Whether it is a thoughtful text message, joining in with an impromptu (socially distant) disco at the climbing wall, responding and liking a tweet, sending enough cheese to keep me in cheese toasties until the middle of 2021, reminding me to not wear trousers that look like PJ’s, or being there to listen whilst I moan, THANK YOU.

A safe and warm home. Never have I felt more grateful for a place that provides laughs, tears, arguments, dens and crap EVERYWHERE.

Fresh air and fields, and the occasional wild swim. The chance to be outside surrounded by nature, bringing into perspective our own significance.

Grey hair and wrinkles. Yep, I get that not everyone welcomes them but I am particular grateful this year to show I am still here, fighting the fight and living life. Who knows what the future will bring, but I hope with all my heart that it brings more grey hair and wrinkles.

I hope you all have a peaceful Christmas and a happy new year.


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