It's all about survival…

This blog kinda went by the way side as life got back to running at a million miles an hour over the last 6 months, but i thought that now would be a good time to resurrect it. It helped so much last year, it can only help again this year as we face some pretty crazy ass time!

So this post is a pre cursor to get you all interested again (well, all two of you that read it…) I will be blogging about home schooling, running out of wine, not being able to run, ‘the eye’ – obvs and lots of other general mildly amusing anecdotes that occur during this weird period…. like the time when the small boy who was standing outside the wine shop (as i was trying to convince myself that buying a bottle at 11.30am was perfectly acceptable, and had left both of the children outside to make sure that i followed the social distancing rule) decided to pull his trousers down and do a moony through the shop window….. oh yes, that happened this morning….. mortified.

Anyway, i hope that if you read this, it provides a distraction to the rather scary and uncertain time that is occuring.

Watch this space… and remember…. wash your hands folks!


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