Dear Lady in a rush.

Dear lady in a rush,

I know I’m being frustrating and I’m sorry about that. This is my first time on my own in a busy city centre trying to order a hot chocolate In a trendy cafe with only 4 1/2 senses and 2 of them are overloaded with the music, chat, coffee machine noise and strange smells. On top of that my arms are full and my bag is heavy as I couldn’t bring myself to pay another 10p for an extra bag to live with the other 70 billion under my sink.

I’m struggling to hear what the guy is saying over the music and trying to tell him I just want a bog standard hot chocolate with actual cows milk (shock horror) and scrabbling around for change and you standing on my left close enough for me to smell your perfume and tapping your bank card on the counter and tutting at me is adding to my stress.

I don’t expect concessions from you or even for you to understand, but maybe just take a moment to look at the person in front of you to see that I’m doing my best and I’m not trying to make you late. I know I don’t know your story and I don’t want to assume you are just being impatient, but after feeling like I was winning coming into town on my own, I now feel disheartened that I’m not going quick enough….

Dear lady in a rush, I hope you get to where you are going to on time and next time, I’ll make sure I go somewhere where being a bit slower is acceptable…. maybe the m&s cafe….


Captain Corne x

P.S…. Dear lady in a rush, I then went to the park and owned the balance beam/seesaw…. my 7 yr old watched and waited until I got it and cheered me like a trooper even though she was desperate to go on it…. maybe there is a lesson there for us all… 😊

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