A long old day…

As far as Saturdays go, yesterday was pretty rubbish. I had an appointment with a nurse at 9.15 which meant that parkrun was out of the question (a weekly ritual for me) and it meant that the kids missed out on their cycling/running fix, which, if any one knows my two chiblets, knows that missing out on activities spells trouble for the rest of the day.

The pressure bandage came off which was a relief, but it did leave me with my eye looking like I had had an argument with someone who has a socker of a right hook…. it is swollen shut, very bruised and pretty grim….. I think that I prefer that at the moment though so I can get used to it before it starts to open and I see what is in there…. I don’t have a prosthetic at the moment, just a plastic ‘conformer’ which is keeping the shape of my eye…. it makes me feel a bit queasy thinking about it tbh…..

I am nailing this ‘selfie’ stuff….

As a family, we usually spend the majority of our time outside, either running, working, walking, hiking etc… and so find it challenging to say the least when we all stay inside…..together…. in fact, we find it so challenging that on Christmas day, we decided to hike around the Cow and Calf in Ilkley and have our Christmas dinner out on the Moors…. we just seem to be a lot nicer to each other when we are all outside….. It’s not to say that I or we have to stay inside at the moment, it’s just that I am so bloody knackard that I’m having at least 3 naps during the day (this is totally unheard of for me, I never even took day time naps when my kids were born!) The kids ‘challenging behaviour’ yesterday could not even be shifted with the creation of a pirates ship in the kitchen (I was feeling so smug that I had a legitimate right to be an actual pirate….) oh and the pirates ship was made (and is still there this morning) in a really convenient place right in the middle of the kitchen with just small gaps around to navigate around…perfect for old patchy here….

So today, in an effort to be nicer to each other, we decided we needed a relatively ‘normal’ day…. so up and out to junior parkrun, the kids then went off with the Hobbs/Vennings for some form of outdoor adventures in some random woods…. I donned my bloody awesome orange Nike trainers and have been for a short ‘power walk’… which felt very strange like I was swerving around from side to side (imagine how you walk after you have had a skinful of gin…) and Mr me-myself-and-eye is doing some form of car maintenance to make sure I can drive it in the next few weeks. I certainly need a nap now…..

Cannot beat a new pair of kicks!

So slowly things are returning to normal… well to as normal as they can…. I was going to include a picture of the offending eye, but it is pretty grim at the moment so I will wait until the bruising/swelling has gone down a bit.

Oh, and just to add insult to injury…. THIS popped up on my phone on Wednesday…. ffs!

Over and Out.

Captain Corne xx

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