A background

Maybe a bit of background to me, just in case any one is remotely interested!

My name is Hannah, I am a 38 year old mum of two, 6 and 7. I run a little not for profit organisation called Mini Mermaid and Young Tritons UK. http://www.minimermaiduk.com

I run and I really like it. I have run and been active pretty much all of my life. My family all run, cycle, surf, climb, play rugby, hockey, tennis…. you name it we’ve done it. Running has got me through the best and the worst parts of my life *shudders remembering 2 babies under 2* I have run at an ok club level (18.50 parkrun and 18.37 ish 5km) and I have run when I had nothing in the tank, just to get out of my head. Plagued with injuries and a very much ‘can’t be arsed’ attitude over the last two years, I was on the up….. running was getting easier again, I was feeling the fire in my belly and loving the feeling of an eyeballs out session (oh the irony…)

I am also a Yorkshire woman through and through and I LOVE Yorkshire. The grittiness, the beauty, the people, my family and my community. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world, which is ironic as I spent most of my 20’s desperately trying to get away from the place! Much of this love has been born through beginning Mini Mermaids as it has shown me the wonderful side of humans, it’s also where I met ‘him indoors’ and had my two chiblets.

My life is pretty unremarkable, but I like it and I felt that all was going well until I got the news that everyone fears. You have cancer.

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